Radical Relocation is an absurd physics-based puzzle game that turns a sleepy neighbourhood into an insane obstacle course! You’ll need flawless planning and nerves of steel to get your belongings from A to B – while they’re stacked and balanced on the roof of your moving vehicle!


Strategically stack your luggage on the roof of your car – but be careful! If it’s not packed securely, it won’t survive the trip!
Follow the map to your new home, but take it easy on those corners! Too fast and you’ll lose everything!
Keep your eyes on the road for any obstacles – fences, trees, trains – you never know what might stand in your way. Make it to your destination in time and you win!
Radical Relocation will continue to evolve based on your feedback. Please report any bugs you find in the Iceberg Interactive Discord server!


  • Challenging physics-based gameplay!
  • 30 levels and a Free Roam mode
  • Huge range of items & destructible furniture to stack! From pianos to sofas – even the kitchen sink!
  • Beautiful low poly environment offers all sorts of hazards!
  • 12 unlockable vehicles & build your own in the garage!