DLC? Yep, we have a DLC for Starship Corporation coming your way! You won’t have to hold your breath for long as it will be launched tomorrow! (October 10)

The new Cruise Ships DLC adds countless hours of gameplay by allowing players to dabble in space tourism. Become the next intergalactic Richard Branson and expand your business to cater established cruise lines or start your own. Design luxurious vessels for guests looking for the ultimate space vacation, against the backdrop of some of the universe’s most beautiful spaceports!

Whether building a small ferry, a super-yacht or a luxury liner – you will need to find the right balance, choosing from 9 different new fuselages.

The range of new rooms included in this new content, is not only necessary to house passengers in different classes aboard your cruise ships, but also to entertain them in many different ways: movie theatres, restaurants, casinos, gyms, pools, bars, restrooms and laundry rooms not only influence the happiness of your guests, but can also produce good profit.

You will also need the help of a new crew type (steward) to maintain the recreational facilities for optimal efficiency in order to keep you customers happy.

Key Features

• 9 new fuselages, from small ferry to large cruise ships
• 12 new contracts from cruise line companies
• 16 new recreational facilities
• New crew type: Steward
• New Crew Management Mission: Cruise Ship Operation

Think you’ll find your true calling among space tourism? Wishlist the DLC now!