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You awaken without any knowledge of who you are, as a voice tells you that you are “The Aethernaut”, capable of exploring the Construct despite the deadly aether. Explore a series of rooms and solve the experiments as you discover who you are. Will you escape the Construct before it’s too late?


Aethernaut is a first person puzzle game set in an open steampunk world. Guided by the voice of Cornell, a scientist who claims to want to help you, you are tasked with solving various puzzles to progress and reach the deeper areas of the Construct. 

Choose how the story unfolds based on your answers to Cornell’s philosophical questions, as he seeks to better understand your nature and personality. Would you rather be remembered forever as an evil tyrant, or be completely forgotten? Is happiness or usefulness a more important purpose in life? When we fall in love, do we love the real person or just our idea of that person?

Through your answers, you will discover yourself and learn more about your past, and how you are able to survive the deadly aether. 

But there is more to the story. As you delve deeper into the abandoned Construct, an unseen entity tries to make contact with you, and begs for your help. Who will you trust? Who are you, really?

Steampunk Puzzles

Solve puzzle rooms using light, sensors, portals and time travel to gather the aether vials and access the core of the Construct.

Explore the Construct

Discover hidden secrets within the Construct. Jump, climb, and use the portals to reach new areas.

Unlock your Story

How will you answer Cornell’s questions? His increasingly personal queries will prompt you to reveal your personality, which will in turn shape the story around you. With 6 possible endings, depending on your answers and how you solve the puzzles (or if you do at all!) Aethernaut will unlock the depths of your soul.