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Monster Run

Monster Run is a dark fantasy beat’em up with roguelite elements. Fight as a giant monster cat protecting your home forest. Destroy massive armies of human soldiers and their allies. Evolve your attacks, master non-human tactics, and discover the joy of breathing fire.

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Become a Giant Monster Cat

You embody a giant fire-breathing monster cat that can cut down enemy soldiers with a single swipe. To protect your forest now ravaged by a greedy human empire, you’ve decided to personally destroy the imperial armies and eat the emperor, with a side order of nobles – they are said to be plump and tasty, and you are a hungry giant monster cat.

Evolve and Master Unparalleled Power

Endure the challenges and unlock a large array of new supernatural abilities. With 100+ upgrades, you can harness 11+ unique attacks, ranging from panic-inducing roars to shooting electricity from your paws – or even summoning a rain of blades to pour down your enemies.

Crush Armies of Tiny Humans and Their Allies

Most of your enemies will be tiny, yet evil. They will be commanded by various minibosses, aided by powerful wizards, and protected by large fortresses. The formidable armies of your enemies feature more than 66 different types of enemy units.


  • Fight as a giant monster cat against massive human armies, minibosses, and wizards.
  • 66+ different enemy unit types.
  • Diverse opponents that use a variety of attacks & stances, not simply rushing you.
  • Humans are subject to fear & will panic if their fellow soldiers get massacred.
  • More than 100+ upgrades, including more than 10 new unique abilities & attacks.
  • Single-player campaign with 19+ levels.
  • It’s a roguelite/survival experience, expect your fights to be challenging and deadly, with an optional permadeath mode.
  • Destructible environments – human-made constructions (including furniture, towers, castles, etc) are fully destructible.