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Sacred Fire

A text-based RPG full of choice and action. Fight for survival in the midst of the Roman invasion of ancient Caledonia. Strategize one dice roll at a time as emotions affect your performance. Use willpower to outsmart opponents, gain allies, wage war, or strive for peace. How will your story end?


The World is on Fire

Rome has crossed Hadrian’s Wall in full force. Your only hope is to reach Dunadd, a seat of power, and unite the tribes. But first you need to warn Wid, your loyal brother and the only family you have left, beyond the memories of a father you would rather forget and those of a mother you struggle to hold on to.

Will you save those close to you, or risk everything to make an Empire bleed?

Customizing your character’s appearance and traits is just the beginning. Choose your thoughts, words and actions to further shape your body and mind throughout the story.

Emotions affect the success of all dice rolls, in and out of combat. Use your character’s willpower to perform at your peak in battle and guarantee success in negotiations.

Reveal ideas holding you back and forge your mind into a weapon strong enough to brave beasts, men, and your own heart.

Interact with lifelike characters and discover what drives them. Decide what you make of them and mold relationships into deadly rivalries or walk-through-fire friendships.

Analyze your opponents and navigate deadly battles. Spare, save, kill, or abandon characters. Play it safe, or pull off feats worthy of legends to compete for status and influence.

Will you merely survive, or will you find something worth fighting for? Can your choices change your fate and craft a legacy that will echo through the ages?