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Second Sun

Second Sun is a High-octane FPS RPG set in a procedurally-generated open world filled with intriguing landmarks and tons of loot! Explore a vast, picturesque map and use your supernatural abilities to save the Empire from devastation and prevent the world from falling into darkness.



After decades of civil war, the cultists appear to be on the verge of victory. The land has been ravaged, the Empire is on the brink of destruction and hope is dwindling rapidly as the Good Sun’s light dims. As the war goes on the influence of the Dark Sun grows. The last hope of the Empire rests on the shoulders of the Sunborn, individuals like you with inhuman abilities and irreducible fighters whose destiny hasn’t been written yet. The Empire expects great things of you.


Fight off enemies using your class abilities, your weapons, but above all your personal skill set in this RPG High-octane FPS. Combat is fast paced and relies on movement. Enemies will claw at you, shoot at you, and chase you. Will you be able to fend them off time and time again?


Kill, loot, and upgrade your gear. Second Sun has a clear progression system which keeps every kill exciting. Will this next enemy have the gun upgrade you’re looking for? What about that chest, will it have that set of gloves you haven’t been able to upgrade for the last 2 levels? It’s up to you what stats you want to focus on and how you want to build your Sunborn.


A world carefully crafted in the style of impressionism. In between fights lavish in the beautiful surroundings and remember why you’re fighting to bring the Good Sun’s light back. Second Sun uses a mix of an open map with elements such as procedurally generated enemy placements, points of interest, loot, and dungeons to make every encounter exciting!


– Enjoy the fast paced combat
– Battle your way through the randomly generated dungeons
– Fight, loot and upgrade your gear and abilities
– Explore a beautifully crafted open-map
– Customise your character, choose your class and enter the Empire!